General Manager

Kürşad KOÇAK

Mr. Kürşad Koçak graduated from the Department of Geology Engineering, Ankara University. He began his professional career. in 1996. Mr. Koçak started working for Havaş in 1997 and worked in Istanbul Atatürk, Dalaman, Trabzon and Antalya stations of Havaş. After working as the General Manager of Cyprus Airport Services, Koçak was assigned as Operation Deputy General Manager of Havaş in 2009. Kürşad Koçak has been working as the General Manager of Havaş since 2015 and speaks English.


Deputy General Manager / Sales and Marketing


Guclu joined TAV Airports in 2005 where he has held various positions such as the general secretary for TAV Georgia, Country Coordinator for TAV Latvia and Business Development Coordinator for the holding company. Before joining the group, he worked for a variety of companies including one of the leading local investment banks, Global Securities and PricewaterhouseCoopers. He holds bachelor of science degree in international business and marketing from University of Maryland. He joined HAVAS in 2012 as the Deputy General Manager for Sales and Marketing responsible for all commercial activities. Güçlü Batkın is in charge of sales-marketing and business development functions of the company.


Deputy General Manager - Human Resources


Joining Havaş Family in 2013, Onur Kumtepe was graduated from the Education Communication and Planning Department of Faculty of Communication Sciences at Anadolu University in 1999. Kumtepe received his master’s degree in Human Resources in 2001. Kumtepe had been assigned various positions in the academic field, logistics and retail sectors before started working at TAV Airports Holding in 2010. Onur Kumtepe has been assigned as Deputy General Manager in charge of Human Resources and Training, Personnel, Corporate Communications, Quality and Management Systems at Havaş, a subsidiary of TAV Airports Holding, since 2013.


Deputy General Manager- Operations


Starting working at Havaş in 1995 after the privatization, Mehmet Bozdemir had held various executive positions at the Main Office, and also at Izmir, Ankara and Antalya stations. Bozdemir started his career in the aviation sector while working at Turkish Airlines. He was then transferred to TAV during the taking over of the operation of Zagreb Airport in 2013. He had worked as the General Manager of Zagreb Airport Ground Handling Services Company during the disincorporation and sales processes. Graduated from the Economy Department of Middle East Technical University, Mehmet Bozdemir re-joined Havaş family in 2015 as the Deputy General Manager responsible from Operations.