Havaş extends its services


Havaş, has become the first Turkish company to be granted with ground handling services licence in Saudi Arabia. Havaş Saudi Arabia is founded to carry out ground handling service operations at Medina Airport in Saudi Arabia, extending the service network of Havaş to Middle East.

Providing ground handling services at 23 airports in Turkey and 7 airports in Europe, Havaş received the licence to provide ground handling services in Saudi Arabia. Havaş Saudi Arabia is established in partnership with TAV and Al Rajhi to provide ground handling services at Medina Airport that is operated by TAV Airports.

Nurzat Erkal, General Manager of Havaş, gave the following statement: “We are especially proud that we are beginning to provide our services in Medina, one of the two sacred cities in Saudi Arabia. Last year, 40,000 flights carried close to nearly 5 million passengers at the Medina Airport. By launching our operations at Medina, we plan to carry Havaş Saudi Arabia to a position where it provides services all across the country and in other countries of the region.”

Havaş Saudi Arabia will be responsible for Passenger Services, Ramp Services, Representation and Supervision Services, Flight Operation / Load Control, Communication Services, Cargo and Mail Services. Havaş provides ground handling services at 23 airports in Turkey, and as Havaş Europe, it provides services at Riga Airport in Latvia, and at Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin Tegel, Hamburg, Stuttgart, and Düsseldorf airports in Germany. In addition to its service network in Turkey, Havaş operates with  the objective of achieving simultaneous growth both in the east and the west.