Havaş signs a training agreement with British Airways


Providing ground handling services to the world's leading airline companies, Havaş has signed a training agreement with British Airways (BA), Great Britain’s national airline company. Havaş integrated dispatcher and ramp crew official trainings provided by foreign trainers of British Airport with its training module thanks to the agreement. As a result, Havaş has become a member of BA's Insignia program offered at international standards. Havaş will continue its operations at all BA stations that it provides service with the dispatchers and ramp crew officials trained by Havaş.

Havaş General Manager (a.i.) Kürşad Koçak stated: “Havaş provides employee trainings that are in compliance with international standards in order to guarantee the best service within all of its operations. The priority of our training modules is to support our employees who work for operations with the trainings that are in line with the developing and changing systems and technologies. We integrated the training subjects of dispatchers and ramp crew officials with the training procedures of one of the Europe's leader airline companies, British Airways, and participated in British Airways' Insignia program as a 'Silver' member. The agreement proves that the services provided by our company meet global standards."

The agreement certifies that the trainings of Havaş provided at the operation units of Istanbul Atatürk Airport are in accordance with the procedures of British Airways, therefore with international standards. Whilst the standards of headset, pushback & towing, crew official services (SAL) and dispatcher services (TRC) trainings of Havaş given to its employees as per Insignia program are accepted to have adequate equipment and standards by British Airways, the trainers of Havaş were also certificated for seat and curtain configuration training.

Havaş will provide service to operations of British Airways at Milas-Bodrum and Dalaman airports which will be initiated in April as well as Atatürk Airport.