Havaş Mobile App makes Havaş easily accessible everywhere


Being one of the pioneering companies in ground handling services in Turkey and becoming well-known in the global arena, Havaş launched the mobile application that will ease the traveling experience of the passengers in terms of airport-city center transfer services and the access of stakeholders to the information regarding ground handling and warehouse services. The application, which will be the first application in Turkey in ground handling services, was designed in collaboration with TAV IT and will make it possible to access the route, time schedule and nearest stop information to get to the airports as well as the latest information regarding the lost luggage of airline passengers. Havaş Mobile application is free to download for all IOS and Android based smart phones and tablets.

Havaş General Manager Kürşad Koçak stated: "Havaş provides service to approximately 5 million passengers in Turkey per annum with its passenger transfer services between airports and city centers at 37 different routes in 19 cities. Furthermore, Havaş offers ground handling and warehouse (cargo) services to various airline companies with its 32 stations located in Turkey, Latvia, Germany and Saudi Arabia. As a result, we continue to endeavor to perform better, maintain customer satisfaction, which we have focused on primarily, and raise the bar by improving our services with brand new technological infrastructure. Our primary goal while developing this mobile application was to improve comfort of our passengers and all stakeholders in their travel experiences by enabling faster and easier access to the information they require through a digital platform. We continue to pioneer the sector in Turkey thanks to the services we have developed. Havaş is the first company in our sector that launches a mobile application. We are very pleased of the great interest in the application."

TAV IT General Manager & TAV Airports Holding CIO Binnur Güleryüz Onaran stated: “Providing airport IT solution services at 31 airports on 3 continents, TAV IT continues to improve its products and services by focusing on passenger satisfaction in all of its operations and following up the latest technologies and trends. "HAVAŞ Mobile" application can be considered as the latest example. The application, which was developed by TAV IT for Havaş, the leading ground handling company in Turkey, enables easy access to the route, time schedule and nearest stop information to get to the airports as well as the latest information regarding the lost luggage of airline passengers. Whilst traveling gets easier and safer thanks to the application, TAV IT gains strength when the products and services that the company develops are used by various other service companies operating in aviation industry."

Including both Turkish and English language support, the mobile application offers the fastest and most reliable information under the main categories of Shuttle Services, Ground Handling Services and Warehouse Services. Passengers can access routes and time schedules of shuttle services according to the airports and cities through Shuttle Services menu, whilst 'The Nearest Stop' function gives the address description of the nearest Havaş stop in the requested area. Ground Handling Services menu enables access to all information and request systems regarding the ground handling services provided by Havaş; while 'Lost Luggage Tracking' sub-menu enables easy access to the luggage tracking system of the related airline company. Warehouse Services menu offers cargo tracking service through functions like 'Tracking by Bill of Lading'. Havaş Mobile application is available for iPhones, iPads and Android devices.