Havaş recommences shuttle services in Ankara


Havaş, Turkey's long-established ground handling services company, recommenced its passenger transportation services between Ankara Esenboğa Airport and city center. The shuttle services between Esenboğa Airport and AŞTİ (bus terminal) will consist of 50 ring services. Providing top-level comfort and safety to the passengers, the shuttle services will be performed in every half an hour between the airport and AŞTİ.

Havaş General Manager Kürşad Koçak stated, "We are glad to reunite with the passengers of the capital city with our shuttle services. Unfortunately, Havaş have had to cease its services in Ankara, where we had provided service for 33 years since 1982, for 10 months. At the moment, the shuttle service is available between Esenboğa Airport and AŞTİ route. We believe, our service locations from the airport to city center will increase in the following days. We are more than happy with the passengers' great interests. We provide a comfortable, fast and reliable transportation service that complements the travel experiences of our passengers."

The shuttle services held between Esenboğa and AŞTİ, which were offered free of charge at the first day of the service, started with 10 buses at first. Providing shuttle services at 19 airports in Turkey, Havaş included the 32nd route to its service network with its Esenboğa Airport-AŞTİ route.