Havaş recommences shuttle services in Ankara


Providing passenger transportation services between the airports and city centers, Havaş recommenced its operations between Esenboğa Airport and AŞTİ (Bus Terminal) route in Ankara.

Havaş, which provides high quality, fast, reliable and comfortable shuttle services for passenger transportation at high standards, recommenced its passenger transportation services between Ankara Esenboğa Airport and city center. The shuttle services between Esenboğa Airport and AŞTİ (bus terminal) will include 70 ring services and will be performed in every 25 minutes between the airport and AŞTİ.

Havaş General Manager Kürşad Koçak stated, "We will pick up where we left off and recommence our passenger transportation operations in Ankara. Unfortunately, Havaş have had to cease its services in Ankara, where the company had provided service since 1982, twice; once for 10 and once for 7 months. Our recommenced shuttle services get a lot of positive feedback from our passengers in the capital city. We have the purpose to extend our services to passengers at various locations in Ankara with new routes to be included to the Esenboğa Airport and AŞTİ line in the following periods. I wish that our shuttle services will have the best outcome for Ankara".

The daily reciprocal shuttle services on Esenboğa Airport and AŞTİ route will be provided by 15 shuttles during the first phase. Havaş offers passenger transportation services at 19 airports in Turkey. Including the 37th route to its service network with Esenboğa Airport – AŞTİ route, Havaş provides comfortable, fast and reliable transportation services that complement the travel experiences of the passengers.