Havaş selected "The Most Ethical Company"


Being one of the pioneering companies in ground handling services in Turkey and becoming well-known in the global arena, Havaş was listed amongst 'The Most Ethical Companies' and presented an award in the 'Etika 2016 Ethics Awards of Turkey' organized by Ethical Values Center in Turkey (EDMER), which was established to create and raise ethical awareness in Turkey. As part of Etika 2016 Ethics Awards of Turkey, which is presented every year to create and raise awareness on business ethics and honor the companies and executives who set an example for young people, Havaş was listed amongst the companies that stand out with their ethics practices and presented 'Ethics Awards of Turkey' award.

Havaş General Manager Kürşad Koçak stated: "In line with our mission to be the leading and pioneering company in our sector and our corporate values, all of our activities and collaborations are based on our ethical business mentality. Established 84 years ago and having been focusing continuously on innovation and raising its success bar to a higher level since then, our company's ethics approach, which is built on our core values, employees and stakeholders, is environmentally friendly and an essential part of our corporate identity. We are happy to be honored with the 'Etika 2016 Ethics Awards of Turkey' as a token of this mentality. In this respect, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ethics Center for their works to raise awareness on business ethics and that they set an example to the young employees".

Having been awarded by the Ethics Center in Turkey since 2012, The Most Ethical Companies of Turkey Awards are presented to the companies who comply with the standards determined by EDMER under the categories of Ethics, Ethics Culture, Reputation Management, Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility, Leadership, Creativity, Leadership and Compliance Management.