Welcomed the officials of airlines

Receiving ground handling services license also at Saudi Arabia, Havaş, the longest established ground handling company, welcomed the officials of airline companies that perform regular flights to Medina at Istanbul Atatürk Airport.​​​

Providing service at 25 airports in Turkey and 7 in Europe and receiving ground handling services license also at Saudi Arabia, Havaş welcomed the delegation consisting of the officials of Saudi, Royal Jordanian, EgyptAir, Gulf, Emirates and Malaysia airlines. Members of the delegation were presented detailed information by Havaş executives about TAV Airports and Havaş. Following the presentation, delegation walked the grounds at Atatürk Airport and was informed about the operation. Paying a visit to Havaş Istanbul Station, the delegation shared their experiences. The members of the delegation will return to their countries after the meetings.

Havaş Saudi Arabia, subsidiary of Havaş, will be responsible for Passenger Services, Ramp Services, Representation and Management Services, Flight Operation / Load Control and Communication Services, Cargo and Mail Services. Providing ground handling services at 25 airports in Turkey, Havaş also provides services at Riga Airport in Latvia, Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin Tegel, Hamburg, Stuttgart and Düsseldorf airports in Germany as Havaş Europe. In addition to its service network in Turkey, Havaş aims to expand its services both towards the east and west.​​