Havaş Europe Launches


Today on July 31, “Havaş Europe” (Havaş) has launched operations at the fifth of planned six airports in Germany - Hamburg International Airport. Hamburg airport facilitates 115 flight destinations for 60 airlines.

Havaş has handled the first flights of its first launch customer “AirFrance KLM” group today.

Havaş will be servicing a total of over 80 flights per week for AirFrance KLM.

The services provided at launch are Ticketing Services. The range of services will be extended on an ongoing basis.

Janis Balkens, Havaş Europe CEO comments:

“We see it a considerable achievement. Hamburg is the fifth point of operation we have launched in the past sixteen weeks.

We are starting with a short-list of services in Germany and expect to develop the scope of services for the German market in months to come.”​