Havaş Europe Launches Berlin

Today, on July 17, exactly three months after start of operations in Frankfurt, “Havaş Europe” ground handling company (Havaş) is launching operations in its third airport in Germany - Berlin Tegel Airport.

Havaş has serviced the first flights of its first launch customer “AirFrance KLM” group today. Havaş will be servicing AirFrance KLM destinations to Paris, Amsterdam, Marseille and Toulouse - a total of over 80 flights per week.

The services provided at launch include Passenger Services and Flight Operations. The range of services will be extended on an ongoing basis.

Services in Tegel airport will be provided until the closing of the airport, imminent next year due to replacement of the fragmented airport system in the region of Germany’s capital, and the opening of Berlin Brandenburg Airport.

Following the closing of Tegel airport operations Havaş will follow its customers and continue providing services in the new airport of the capital. Havaş is already planning necessary arrangements to guarantee seamless transitions of ground operations for each of its customers in Berlin.

Janis Balkens, Havas Europe CEO accentuates:

“establishment of ground operations in the German market for Havaş Europe is developing according to our plan for 2012. We are satisfied with the solid growth and strong record of operations in every airport we have launched in Germany this year.

We are confident to continue delivering the same high quality of our operations, providing an expanding scope of services also in the future. With launch of operations in Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Stuttgart around the corner our customers can expect a solid and growing ground handling network for their business in the German market.”